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4th March 2015

Proudest bloody day of my life. Us here at Lincoln Studios have finished our first ever feature film!!!! It’s called AAAAAAAAH! I almost had to be given the kiss of life when I finished watching it round the director’s place last night. I collapsed to the floor head in hands, I was so overwhelmed. It was better than when I finally opened the salon in Grantham after 16 months of crap with the contractors. It is a fantastic feeling for me but the credit goes to the brilliant actors, crew and production team.

Here’s the poster for AHHHHHHH!!!! Shitting hell it’s brilliant isn’t it! And f-ing creepy. Won’t be putting it on my wall. Don’t fancy seeing that when I get up for a pee in the night, I’d probably wet myself on the landing!!!! Designed by an American feller called Jay Shaw I think, who has relatives in North Hykeham. Yours. Derek Evans

Some links to friends: wanholmelincoln

Lincoln Studios is a film company that aims to put Lincoln on the map as the centre of the UK movie industry. We will turn our hand to any genre, and give it our own spin. Psychological dramas, horrors, sci-fi, eroticism, cowboy musicals. Anything. Featuring a raft of talented actors, both established and stars in the making. All of them based in the Lincoln area and signed up on exclusive multi-picture deals.

10th July 2014

It’s a knackering business shooting a film, even though I’ve just been sitting around most the time trying not to get in everyone’s way. Apparently in one of the more ‘intimate’ scenes you can see me in the background messing around with the ring tones on my mobile. They had to do another ‘take’ because of it. I felt bloody terrible about that and bought everyone a curry and beers to say sorry. It’s funny watching the crew running around like ants. It’s hard to know what the hell they’re doing half the time. Probably nothing!

17th February 2015

Got up early to take the dog out. The sunrise was fantastic, will suggest that to the director as an idea for the next film.

20th February 2015

Had a panicked phone call from the editor saying he had just pressed delete and lost half the footage of the film. I said not to touch another button and drove straight round to pick him up and take the computer to Currys. A very helpful young lad there called Will found the lost footage for us in the recycle bin and was able to restore it. Phew! He also suggested an upgrade form Windows XP to Windows 7 to avoid that happening again.



10th April 2015

It’s at  moments like these that I think of that cracking Iron Maiden track ‘Run To The Hills’. We might be off the beaten track here in Lincoln but you can bet we’re putting the willies up the UK & US movie industry  right now.

So here it is, the first official trailer for Aaaaaaaah!

I’ve got to go out for petrol this evening, so see you at the Esso in Bracebridge and let me know what you think of it. Yes, even you Michelle! F-ing exciting!!

25th  July 2015

Had news through from the fantastic chaps at Fright Fest in London that tickets for Aaaaaaaah! are selling like they’re going out of fashion. Reminds me of when I first started doing half price autumn spray tan deals at the salon in early 90s. Bloody hell we were booked solid with ladies just back from Spain and wanting to stay  topped up. And you know what, many of em are still my loyal customers to this day!

Anyway, get yourself down to this site, they won’t be there long. The person who buys the last ticket wins a free twenty minute session on the machine of their choice!!!!